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23 Mar 2021

How protected are you as a Company Director

John Jones MD of Professional Risks discusses how Directors of ltd companies can be personally liable for decisions.

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07 Dec 2020

Driving in Europe from 1 January 2021

Find out why a Green Card will be required for vehicles driven from the UK in the EU, following Brexit.

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31 Jul 2020

Getting Prepared For Solicitors PII Renewal Season

John Jones, Head of Professional Risks, talks about the impending Solicitors PII renewal season.

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04 Oct 2019

Trouble at Mill When it Comes to Insurance

Find out why the north’s cotton, wool and textile mills are becoming increasingly difficult to insure.

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23 Nov 2018

Your Business In The Best Light

Read our guide on how to best present your business to the insurance market to get the best result.

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19 Mar 2018

Don't Wing It!

Tut, tut. What would Colonel Sanders say.

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16 Mar 2018

Carillion, the Bad-Debt Domino Effect

Another construction firm has gone bust.

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13 Mar 2018

Brokers v Tick-Boxes: The Playing Field Will Level

For years now, there have been concerns about the way in which insurance is bought online.

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13 Mar 2018

The Silver Lining of the ‘Ogden Rate’ Cloud

The ramifications of Spring 2017’s ‘Ogden Rate’ changes are being felt across the personal-injury.

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05 Mar 2018

Take charge of your online reputation

More than half of British businesses suffer unfair negative reviews.

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02 Mar 2018

Time to direct yourself to D&O Insurance?

Directors are governed by a plethora of laws and regulations threatening financial exposure.

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06 Dec 2017

The pros and cons of offshore insurers

Offshore insurers are able to provide very competitive terms.

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04 Dec 2017

How would you handle a product recall?

Product recall cannot only be costly for your business, but it could also threaten your reputation.

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01 Dec 2017

Recovering after a flood

An increase in extreme weather across the UK is exacerbating the problem of flooding.

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27 Nov 2017

Insurance Implications with Airbnb

Ensure your building is properly insured for leaseholders participating in Airbnb.

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21 Nov 2017

Are you GDPR ready?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is already law, with an enforcement date of 25 May 2018.

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16 Nov 2017

Social engineering, spear phishing, whaling....

Cyber-crime is on the increase.

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07 Nov 2017

Weather-proof your business against the winter

Winter is on the way, bringing with it the prospect of strong winds, heavy rain, frost and snow.

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02 Nov 2017

Motor vehicles: the new instruments of terror

The use of hire vehicles to kill and maim people is a new form of terrorism. But who is liable to compensate victims?

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25 Oct 2017


Portable and transferable data/devices face a greater risk and are often overlooked when it comes to encryption.

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13 May 2017

NHS CYBER ATTACK - A Wake Up Call for SMEs?

The cyber-attack on the NHS has been described as perhaps the worst cyber incident in history.

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13 Oct 2016

5 Top Tips To Reduce Your Motor Fleet Risk

Champion Motor Fleet Insurance expert, Jason Donald, has compiled 5 easy to follow tips to reduce your motor fleet risk.

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12 Aug 2016

The Insurance Act 2015

The Insurance Act 2015 has now come into force. It is the biggest change to insurance contract law for more than 100 years.

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11 Jan 2016

Champion Insurance Brokers Launch New Website

Our brand new and modern website has been designed to look stylish with fast and easy navigation.

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10 Nov 2015

12 Claims of Christmas

Christmas may be just around the corner, but before you kick back and enjoy the break, you might want to think of some of the precautions you need to take.

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07 Oct 2015

Insurance Premium Tax Increase

George Osborne announced an increase in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from the current level of 6% to 9.5%.

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10 Jun 2015

Champion celebrate Class of 92’s Salford City FC

They secured promotion to the Evo-Stik Premier League this season.

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01 Jun 2015

DVLA driving licence changes

From Monday 8th June the paper counterpart will cease to be a legal document.

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10 Feb 2015

Manchester Firm Recognised For Champion Customer Service

Champion has been nominated for the Best Customer-Focused Business.

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22 Aug 2014

Commercial Claims Are Disputed by Insurers

Half of all commercial insurance claims are disputed by insurers.

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21 Aug 2014

Take Steps to Tackle Internal Fraud

Most organisations accept the risk of external fraud as an unavoidable part of doing business—and take appropriate steps to limit that risk.

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21 Aug 2014

Fracking’s Impact on Nearby Businesses

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been a contentious topic in the United Kingdom for years.

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20 Aug 2014

Criminal Records Checks

As an employer, you must express caution when deciding whether to conduct a criminal record check.

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19 Aug 2014

Workplace Wellness Programmes

Workplace wellness programmes benefit your organisation—and its finances—in many ways.

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18 Aug 2014

Do You Need Motor Fleet Cover?

If your business has just a few vehicles, you may not think that qualifies as a ‘motor fleet’.

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15 Aug 2014

Employee Flexible Working Rights

On 30 June 2014 the Flexible Working Regulations 2014 came into force.

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14 Aug 2014

Consequential Losses Now Recoverable

In a landmark decision applying to properties in England and Wales, on 20 May.

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