Credit Insurance


Credit Insurance

The risk from bad debts and insolvency is a concern for most businesses. Since the advent of the economic downturn, risk levels have increased, producing a need for bespoke credit insurance to protect your business from this exposure.

With access to specialist insurers through the Willis Commercial Network, we can provide you with the expertise necessary to reduce your overall risk and arrange tailored credit insurance, at highly competitive rates, protecting your business against those customers that could leave you in a bad debt situation.

This cover is very flexible and you may find it more cost-effective to insure specific areas of your business against bad debt, such as your export ledger, top accounts or even specific industries.

As well as protecting you against bad debts, credit insurance provides other benefits, making it easier to attract lower cost finance and offer credit to new customers, and enabling you to analyse in real time the financial state of your existing customers.

We are happy to discuss your requirement for credit insurance and can advise on the early warning signs to look out for that certain customers that are at risk financially.