Directors & Officers Insurance


Directors & Officers Insurance

The Directors, Officers and Senior Employees of a company can be personally liable for the decisions they make. Furthermore, this liability is unlimited, which means individuals cannot 'hide behind' the corporate body that employs them.

Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance offers protection in respect of claims brought against you for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, errors or omissions and mis-statements. If you are accused of breaching your duties, actions can be brought against you personally, with potentially devastating consequences, which is why this insurance is so important.

Claims can be made by an ever-widening source, including the Health & Safety Executive, employees, environmental groups, regulatory bodies, creditors, banks, shareholders, customers and suppliers.

Typical statutory exposures include the Companies Act (over 200 offences), Insolvency Act (Wrongful Trading), Health & Safety at Work Act, Data Protection Act, Consumer protection legislation, Company Directors Disqualification Act, Corporate Manslaughter Act, Financial Services Act, Company Securities (Insider Dealing) Act, EC Directives and Regulations, and Racial & Sexual Discrimination legislation.

As well as protecting Directors & Officers, this policy protects the Director’s personal holding in the company, rather than leaving the company to fund its own defence. If required, the policy can be extended to provide cover for breach of contract, misconduct, unfair dismissal, environmental prosecution and fraud.

Please contact us to discuss the level of liability cover you need to have in place to ensure you and your business are protected.