Group Personal Accident Insurance


Group Personal Accident Insurance

Champion is an experienced provider of Accident and Health insurance for the individual, group and corporate market place, and has the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a complete solution for your requirements in this area.

We are happy to provide quotes for all types of personal accident policy, from accidental death cover for large groups to high level disability cover for key individuals, and from white collar workers to extremely hazardous occupations.

Group Personal Accident cover allows a business to insure itself in the event senior executives and/or employees are unable to work due to injuries sustained through an accident or illness.

It also provides benefits for accidental bodily injury resulting in death, loss of limbs or eyesight, or disablement, with a weekly benefit available for periods of temporary total disablement. Cover for illness can also be included.

As you wish, cover can be tailored to suit your business. For example, you can choose different levels of cover for certain individuals within your business or certain categories of people, choosing fixed sums insured or a multiple of salary/percentage of weekly wage. You can also choose the type of cover required, such as 24 hour basis and Occupational Risks.

We will be happy to advise on the different options available and what is best suited for your business.